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Welsh Government introduces new nutrition programme to combat heart disease and cancer

A strategy to improve the health of people in Wales through their diet is being launched by Welsh Assembly Government health and social services minister Jane Hutt.

(Nutraingredients.com / February 17, 2003) -- Developed by the Food Standards Agency Wales and the Welsh government, the ‘Food and Well Being’ strategy outlines the actions required by key players to improve the overall diet of people in Wales.

The main priority groups are low income and vulnerable consumers – including the elderly and minority ethnic groups – as well as infants, children and young people, middle-aged men and women of childbearing age.

Approximately one third of deaths from heart disease and a quarter of deaths from cancer in the UK can be attributed to poor diet. But the health of people living in Wales is consistently worse than those living in England, according to the FSA. In addition to a life expectancy of two to three years less than the best in Europe, the people of Wales suffer from substantial inequalities in health, often as a result of poor diet.

Death rates are highest in areas experiencing the highest levels of social and economic deprivation, while other vulnerable groups find that issues beyond economic aspects – such as lack of access, age or ethnicity – can prevent the adoption of a healthy diet.

‘Food and Well Being – Reducing Inequalities Through a Nutrition Strategy for Wales’ was launched last week to coincide with the British Heart Foundation’s Women’s Heart Health Week activities.



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