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Results of an open study for evaluating the effectiveness and tolerance of adjuvant administration of the ISF nutrient program in HIV positive patients.

[Ergebnisse einer offenen Studie zur Evaluierung von Wirksamkeit und Vertraglichkeit der adjuvanten Zufuhr des ISF-Nahrstoffprogramms bei HIV-positiven Patienten.]

Wien Med Wochenschr 1996;146(18):483-93 (ISSN: 0043-5341)

Fuchs N; Markolin G; Kuklinski B; Jager R; Zelch N; Gurh I; Schicka G; Neumann K BioPan Zeitgemasse Ernahrung GmbH & Co KG, Mariapfarr, Osterreich.

HIV positive patients usually show a gradual deterioration of their general condition and the laboratory key values which are accompanied by the resulting negative effects on their subjective condition. This study showed a very good stabilization of HIV positive patients by using the complex ISF nutrient program over a period of ten or 15 months. Only a very low proportion of antiviral and antibiotic supply had been given. The ratio did not change over the entire testing period of 15 months. The mortality rates observed here were a fraction of the AIDS mortality rates that are otherwise published. The data of this study also show a very good benefit/risk relationship for the patients, which can be derived from the overall favorable statements on the tolerance.



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