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Selenium and cancer: some nutritional aspects.

Alaejos MS; Diaz Romero FJ; Diaz Romero C

Nutrition 2000 May;16(5):376-83

The level of selenium in cancer patients is lower than that in control subjects. However, low selenium levels in body fluids can be due to the malnutrition observed in these patients. There is evidence from epidemiologic studies that high dietary selenium intakes and high selenium status in people are associated with lower cancer mortality. However, contradictory information has been found in some prospective studies. The presence of other nutrients in selenium-rich foods can influence the role of the selenium in cancer etiology. Therefore, there are selenium antagonistic elements that inhibit the anticarcinogenic effects of selenium and other antioxidant micronutrients such as ascorbic acid, retinol, beta-carotene, alpha-tocopherol, and some other elements have a synergistic effect on the prevention of cancer.



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