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Cancer prevention with green tea and monitoring by a new biomarker, hnRNP B1.

Fujiki H; Suganuma M; Okabe S; Sueoka E; Sueoka N; Fujimoto N; Goto Y; Matsuyama S; Imai K; Nakachi K

Mutat Res 2001 Sep 1;480-481:299-304

The study of green tea polyphenols as a cancer preventative is approaching a new era, with significant results accumulating rapidly. This paper briefly reviews four topics related to mechanisms of action of tea polyphenols: (I) identification of the genes commonly affected by EGCG, as demonstrated by Clontech's Atlas cDNA Expression Array; (II) the significance of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein B1 (hnRNP B1) as a new biomarker for early detection of lung cancer, and inhibition of its expression by EGCG; (III) the synergistic or additive effects of EGCG with the cancer preventive agents, sulindac and tamoxifen, on induction of apoptosis in PC-9 cells and on inhibition of intestinal tumor development in multiple intestinal neoplasia (Min) mice; (IV) the results of a 10 year prospective cohort study demonstrating the effectiveness of daily consumption of green tea in preventing cancer, and a prototype study for developing green tea beverage as cancer preventive.



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