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Heart Failure

Italian multicenter study on the safety and efficacy of coenzyme Q10 as adjunctive therapy in heart failure (interim analysis). The CoQ10 Drug Surveillance Investigators.

Baggio E; Gandini R; Plancher AC; Passeri M; Carmosino G

Clinical Investigation 1993;71(8 Suppl):S145-9

Digitalis, diuretics, and vasodilators are considered standard therapy for patients with congestive heart failure, for which treatment is tailored according to the severity of the syndrome and the patient profile. Apart from the clinical seriousness, heart failure is always characterized by an energy depletion status, as indicated by low intramyocardial ATP and coenzyme Q10 levels. We investigated safety and clinical efficacy of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) adjunctive treatment in congestive heart failure, which had been diagnosed at least 6 months previously and treated with standard therapy. A total of 2500 patients in NYHA classes II and III were enrolled in this open noncomparative 3-month postmarketing drug surveillance study in 173 Italian centers. The daily dose of CoQ10 was 50-150 mg orally, with the majority of patients (78%) receiving 100 mg/day. Clinical and laboratory parameters were evaluated at the entry into the study and on day 90; the assessment of clinical signs and symptoms was made using from two- to seven-point scales. Preliminary results on 1113 patients (mean age 69.5 years) show a low incidence of side effects: 10 adverse reactions were reported in 8 (0.8%) patients, of which only 5 reactions were considered as correlated to the test treatment. After 3 months of test treatment the proportions of patients with improvement in clinical signs and symptoms were as follows: cyanosis 81%, edema 76.9%, pulmonary rales 78.4%, enlargement of the liver area 49.3%, jugular reflux 81.5%, dyspnea 54.2%, palpitations 75.7%, sweating 82.4%, arrhythmia 62%, insomnia 60.2%, vertigo 73%, and nocturia 50.7%.



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