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Effektivnost' vitamina E i selenita natriia pri eksperimental'ni distrofii pecheni. [Efficacy of vitamin E and sodium selenite in experimental hepatic dystrophy]

Skakun NP; Nesterovich Ia M
Farmakol Toksikol 1977 Jul-Aug;40(4):434-8

Experiments staged in albino rats with acute dystrophy induced by carbon tetrachloride evidenced that vitamin "E" (10 mg per 100 g of the animals mass) used in combination with sodium selenite (2 gamma per 100 g) help lessen the poisoning, avert the death of the animals and accelerate restoration of the liver function. These drugs normalize the production and secretion of bile, stimulate the synthesis of primary bile acids and their conjugation with taurine and glycine, exercising beneficial influence on the pigmental function of the liver and on the cholesterol excretion.



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