What Can I Do?

Here are some ideas about how to use this information effectively to help build a New Global Healthcare System:

  • Download Dr Rath’s book The Heart and go to chapter 10 to educate yourself fully about micronutrients and health. Print off these pages (there is no copyright restriction but please always acknowledge the source of the information) and use them as an education tool within your local community.
  • Send an email to your political leaders via the Internet containing a link to this website and ask them why this scientific information that is so vital to people’s health is being ignored.
  • Make sure that everyone you talk to is aware of this information – become a natural health information provider in your local community.
  • Give everybody the address of this website so that they can access much more information for themselves
  • Register your support for this Foundation and encourage everyone you know to do the same.
  • Start Building A New Healthcare System – today!

The tools at the foot of every main page of this website will help you to spread this information.