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The Documentation About "Codex Alimentarius"

Pharmaceutical Industry Investment Branch:
The Fight for the Continuance of the "Business With Disease"

As the graphic below shows, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative industries today. Profits exceeded 500% in only 10 years. The greed of the majority shareholders of the pharmaceutical groups fuels the unethical Codex plans.

"Five hundred percent profit in only ten years."
With this promise, the pharmaceutical industry entices small investors
into the lucrative "business with disease."

Dr. Matthias Rath exposed the pharmaceutical industry as an economic force dependent on the "business with the disease." He proclaimed that the pharmaceutical industry shuns effective treatments and embraces diseases. When diseases flourish, shareholders prosper.

This is How You Make Money in the Health Trend!

Advertising for pharmaceutical shares via mail. Banks, the main
shareholders in pharmaceutical companies, are trying to
entice small investors to stabilize the house of cards.

The pharmaceutical industry and its investors are now trying to bolster their credibility via an advertising campaign touting a "Pharmaceutical Fund" offered by a bank.

The high use of pharmaceuticals by senior citizens has boosted
pharmaceutical prices. Each patient who falls for this trickery
finances the extension of his own illness with his own money.

Basis of the pharmaceutical industry:
The "business with the disease"

  • The pharmaceutical industry bases its existence on the "business with the disease." As with other segments of the economy, the pharmaceutical industry wants to expand its market - patients as well as diseases.
  • The prevention, treatment and eradication of diseases are bad for the pharmaceutical industry and thus must be attacked.
  • As a direct result, the ills of civilization, such as heart and circulatory diseases, high blood pressure, cardiac insufficiency, cancer, osteoporosis and others are spreading.
  • According to statements of the German health insurance companies, 24,000 useless pharmaceutical preparations are on the market. (AOK magazine 4/98)
  • The dangerous side effects of prescription drugs are now the fourth most common cause of death. (Journal of the American Medical Association dated April 15, 1998)



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