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The Documentation About "Codex Alimentarius"

Irresponsible Reactions to Dr. Rath's Groundbreaking Work: Formation of a Cartel to Supress Information and Fix Prices

Dr. Rath has done everything possible to disseminate his discovery quickly. In 1990, he informed the Swiss group Roche (the world's second-largest pharmaceutical company and the largest supplier of vitamin C as a raw material) and a dozen other pharmaceutical companies about the benefits of Cellular Health. Excerpts from Dr. Rath's correspondence with Roche are presented below.

Dr. Rath naively believed that the pharmaceutical industry cared about saving human lives. On the contrary, they care only about showing a profit to their shareholders. The Roche group initially feigned interest but used the information for its own nefarious purposes.

In 1990 as a direct reaction to the information about Dr. Rath's scientific breakthrough, Roche, BASF, and a number of other pharmaceutical companies took action with two criminal cartels:

  • Codex Alimentarius: A United Nations commission dedicated to controlling all dietary supplements and now engaged in a global effort to counter Dr. Rath's discoveries.
  • The Vitamin Price cartel: A cartel that raised the prices of the raw materials that make vitamins. They worked independently of Codex and plundered billions of dollars from every corner of the world by exploiting Dr. Rath's findings.

Dr. Rath's life's work has unmasked the beast of the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Rath's letter informing the Roche group (world's largest
manufacturer of vitamin C) about his groundbreaking work.

Thereafter, as a member of the vitamin cartel, Roche's managers were convicted of criminal conspiracy, and in the U.S. were fined $1 billion. Roche was also a member of the "Codex" cartel for suppression of information.


Newspaper Headlines:

"Roche Punished for Cartel -- Illegal Agreements in Vitamin Business Increase Profits"
Badische Zeitung, Sep 29, 1999.
"Cartel Participants Forced to Pay"
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Sep 29, 1999.



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