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The Documentation About "Codex Alimentarius"

1994 - Supplement Bill for Vitamin Freedom in the U.S.A.

The first major defeat the pharma-cartel suffered came at the hands of the Americans in 1994. The passage of the "Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act" ended the cartel's foothold on American soil and forced them back to Europe.

This victory marked the biggest defeat for the pharma-cartel and crippled their reputation as a world influence. The pharma-cartel had no support and received no respect from the people of America. America will always pride itself as a land of freedom and tolerance. Should anything threaten that freedom, the Americans react swiftly and decisively.

And just what made America react? As stated in previous chapters, the pharma-cartel tried to fight Dr. Rath’s discoveries by declaring all vitamins and other nutritional supplements the same as prescription medicines.

Americans expect freedom in every aspect of their lives and no American understood this attack on vitamins. The hollow arguments and presumed authority the cartel displayed backfired. Millions of Americans voiced their anger about bowing to "international harmonization" and unfounded "consumer protection." Action groups, letters to editors, faxes, and letters to Representatives left no doubt about the American peoples will. Americans wanted all vitamins free and unrestricted.

People of all ages, colors and political parties united and stated clearly that no government in the world should have the power to restrict the people’s right to optimum health. Newsweek Magazine called the demonstration "The largest movement since the Vietnam War."

Germany and the whole European Community can take a lesson from the United States when it comes to following the wishes of the people and securing their freedom. The first step to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act began with a bill to stop the senseless plans by the Food and Drug Administration and to safeguard vitamin freedom. Action groups then visited every undecided Representative and presented Dr. Rath’s book and other studies about the importance of vitamins.

Dr. Rath’s scientific breakthroughs made a strong case. The Representatives were convinced. The vitamin bill passed unanimously in August 1994. The people of the United States had won one of the most important battles against the scheme of an international economic interest group. It is high time that Germany and the entire European Community follow the example of the United States and allows its citizens to use these natural substances without restrictions.

Central points of the 1994
Dietary Supplement and Education Act

  • Vitamins and natural therapies can be sold freely and without prescription.
    Factual statements regarding vitamins and natural therapies are allowed to be expressed freely.
  • The burden of proof regarding untruthfulness in statements about vitamins lies with the Food and Drugs Administration.

In the light of exploding health costs, every responsible politician should acknowledge the economic benefits of the breakthroughs in vitamin research and Cellular Medicine.

The next pages contain encouraging examples of the growing worldwide resistance to the unethical practices of the pharma-cartel.



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