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Dr. Rath presented with
2001 Bulwark of Liberty Award

Candace Campbell, Executive Director of the American Preventive Medical Association, presents the prize to Dr. Matthias Rath

Matthias Rath, M.D., the world-renowned physician and scientific researcher, received the prestigious 2001 Bulwark of Liberty Award sponsored by the American Preventive Medical Association and the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine. The award was presented to Dr. Rath on May 26th at the First Amendment Freedom and Bulwark of Liberty Awards Celebration in Clifton, Virginia.

The Bulwark of Liberty Award recognizes those who have made extraordinary efforts to advance nutrition science, educate the public on the health benefits of nutrients, and end government censorship of health information. The Bulwark of Liberty Awards will be distributed in conjunction with The Pearson v. Shalala First Amendment Freedom Awards given for the recent litigation victory against the Food and Drug Administration.

In his speech at the Award Dr. Rath called on the American health movement:

"I encourage you to continue this fight for natural health. I encourage you to look into the future. I'm joining everyone here saying we will win - because we're right. No army in the world can stop the truth once the time has come."



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