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October, 19, 2002
Democrats See a Stealthy Drive by Drug Industry to Help Republicans
In important Congressional races around the country, a fierce battle is being waged over what Democrats assert is a stealth campaign by the pharmaceutical industry to help House Republicans.
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August 17, 2002
Failure to inform the public is undermining confidence in clinical trials
Failure to fully inform the public about the involvement of participants in clinical trials is undermining confidence in the process—and in turn leading to a reduction in the number of studies involving humans.
>> Read article at bmj.com

August 17, 2002
Dutch GPs call for ban on Novartis products
Three Dutch GPs are calling on doctors not to prescribe Novartis products in protest at the Swiss based pharmaceutical company's "information campaign" urging people with onychomycosis, or ringworm of the nails, to visit their GP.
>> Read article at bmj.com

August 10, 2002
New law in Germany compensates patients for drug side-effects
The German government passed new legislation on Aug 1 that will make it easier for patients who have adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to get compensation from pharmaceutical companies.
>> Read article at The Lancet.com

July 29, 2002
Misguided Medicine: A stunning finding about antidepressants is being ignored
A classic conflict between science and dogma is brewing in the arena of mental health policy, and its resolution will affect the welfare of millions of Americans who suffer from depression. They will either be consigned to the status quo of current mental health treatment -- the good, the bad and the ugly -- or they will benefit from all that medical research can offer in terms of innovative, high-quality care.
>> Read article at Washingtonpost.com

June 15, 2002
One in 50 Europeans Are Living with Cancer or Are in Remission
Europe’s first cancer prevalence study has shown that people in western European countries are more likely to be living with cancer than those in eastern Europe, partly because of high survival rates and longer life expectancy.
>> Read article at bmj.com

June 7, 2002
Low Vitamin C Increases Stroke Risk
Need another reason to juice up your morning routine? As little as a half a glass of orange juice a day may be enough to help prevent a stroke. A new study shows not getting enough vitamin C in your diet can increase the risk of stroke, especially among men with high blood pressure or who are overweight.
>> Read article at Webmdhealth.com

June 4, 2002
Even Mild Vitamin C Deficiency May Have Negative Effect On Vascular Function
Every six minutes, a woman dies of a pregnancy complication called preeclampsia – nine women an hour, according to the Preeclampsia Foundation. The disorder, which is linked to hypertension and affects 3 million women a year worldwide, can be equally devastating for infants.
>> Read article at Sciencedaily.com

May 8, 2002
Pharmaceuticals Rank as Most Profitable Industry, Again
In a year that saw a drop in employment rates, a plunge in the stock market and symbols of America s economy literally come crashing down, the pharmaceutical industry continued its reign as the most profitable industry in the annual Fortune 500 list.
>> Read article at Publiccitizen.com



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