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This presentation was given by Dr. Ursula Schefler, Executive director of the Dr Rath Health Foundation, to the Hague Tribunal, 14th June 2003

My Dear Ladies And Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues,

A warm welcome to the Dr. Rath Health Foundation’s Hague Tribunal. My name is Ursula Schefler and I am currently working in the Berlin office of the Foundation.

I have a dream! This is how the Nobel Prize winner Martin Luther King began his world fa-mous speech to a huge crowd of more than 100,000 demonstrators in Washington in November 1962. The main theme of his speech deals with the great vision of a more just, de-mocratic, not racist and peaceful America.

I also have a dream, or to state it clearly: a vision.

A vision of a world in peace and health where every human being has the possibility of living a responsible life, without fear and with dignity. Diseases and epidemics have been wiped out. The basis of our health systems is founded on treatment by natural remedies, when necessary. And war and slavery as well as torture have been banned from this planet!

This vision can become reality!

This incredible burden of humanity, the billion-dollar ‘business with disease’ with all kinds of sickness and, of course, the wheeling and dealing of the pharmaceutical industry must be stopped at all costs. War must not be part of our consciousness any more. No more money games, no more material games with war or health!

Is it possible? Yes! It is very possible! It is the only possibility!

All the scientific and technological requirements have already been created. Most of humanity yearns for a better world; it is an act of historical freedom. Together with the Hague Procla-mation, we will supply a program. A strategic plan for realization has been worked out in Dr. Rath’s many versatile contributions. People of action, people of awareness. People every-where are beginning to wake up! Wake up for your rights! Wake up, wake up! More and more like a small stone rolling down a big snowy mountain gathering more and more snow. People see through the lies more and more.

Lies, lies, lies. Headlines of Britain’s largest daily paper. The biggest lie of a state-government says the French Foreign Office. What they are talking about is the lies with which the US and British governments took us to war.

We know that the first casualty of war is the truth. It is the same game the pharma mafia plays with health. With disinformation, provocation and acts of terror they will create more wars and stress in order to keep and secure their power. But this action is becoming more and more visible. More and more people are seeing through the façade. The ruling politics is rapidly losing its validity. This is our new chance, our new possibility. And we will make use of it!

All it needs now is for that huge decrepit, crumbling old heavy old rock named ‘pharmaceuti-cal industry’ with all its hooks and twists in politics, economy and the media, to be pushed with one more big effort, over the verge into the abyss, so that there is space, room, new terri-tory for real freedom, so that flowers can grow, where there once was darkness, where the sun and the light can illuminate the dark.

This is what we stand for! Representing many people of this planet. This wonderful earth. To discuss, to find out how we can in the fastest way dispose of that crumbling rock before it manages to pull us all along with it, down into ruin, down into the depths, through an atomic war or such-like catastrophes or disasters and destroys this wonderful blue planet Earth.

We want to - we must - make an accusation! We want and we must accuse the warmongers, all warmongers, not only the ones who created strife, mass murder with women and children, destruction of civil rights and morality and who go hand in hand with such traditions as Ger-man fascism.

We accuse them and their endorsers – the pharmaceutical industry - here and now in the city of the International Criminal Court, in The Hague.

We make an accusation against their acts and attack the illegitimate offence of war in order to make huge profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

We will stand up for our rights and in Martin Luther King’s words: ‘We Shall Overcome!’

And now, ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming Dr. Rath!



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