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August Kowalczyk worked at:

The Rapsodyczny Theatre in Cracow
Teatr Ludowy i Polski [The Polish National Theatre] in Warsaw
Teatre Dramatyczny in Czestochowa
and then returned to the Teatr Polski in Warsaw (artistic director, director, actor)

He retired in 1981 after 37 years.

Mr Kowalczyk has played in thirty films, his most important roles being:

"Piatka z ulicy Barskiej" ["Five from Barski Street"] by K. Kozniewski, I played Zenon (debut in 1952) directed by Alexander Ford.
" Wojt" in "Chlopy" ["Peasants"] by Reymont (Nobel prize for literature in 1923), directed by Jan Rybkowski.
" Stawka wieksza niz zycie" ["More than your Life's Worth"] (a serial about Klos) I played lieutenant Döhne, gestapo officer, in "Polskie Drogie" ["Polish Roads"]

His major theatrical roles included:

"Mefisto" in Goethe's "Faust" directed by Józef Szajna
" Anthony" in Shakespeare's "Anthony and Cleopatra" directed by Simonow
" Wurm" in Schiller's "Intryga i milosc" ["Intrigue and Love"] directed by W. Laskowska
" Aber", a Gestapo officer, in "Po tamtej stronie swiec" ["On the Other Side of the Candles"] by Grochowiak, directed by myself.

His major directing works included:

"Cyrano de Bergerac" by Rostand
" Cymbeline" by Shakespeare
" Tragedia optymistyczna" ["The Optimistic Tragedy"] by Wiszniowski
" Na szkle malowane" ["Painted on Glass"]
" Balada lomzynska" ["The Lomzynska Ballad"]
" Zycie snem" ["Living Asleep"] by Ernest Bryll
" Garsc piasku" ["A Fistful of Sand"] by Jerzy Przezdziecki
and about fifty others, as well as television and radio works as an actor and director.

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