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Terminating the Business With Disease

Chris Fairhurst

This presentation was given by Dr. Alexandra Niedzwiecki to the Hague Tribunal, 14th June 2003

Good Afternoon. We have come to The Hague from different countries , we are representing many nations, we live on different continents.

We came here today to speak out on behalf of our parents, our friends, and our children who may have suffered or even died prematurely because of an industry that has deceived us for decades.


This industry promises health, but it profits from maintaining and expanding diseases.

This industry builds its wealth at the expense of solutions to our health problems.

:This industry turns a blind eye to our misery and allows us to die if we do not have money to pay for its products. What industry is it?

This is the pharmaceutical industry.

And today, we are demanding that those responsible for expanding diseases and contributing to the death of millions be brought to justice.

The pharmaceutical “business with disease” is built on our health problems. Today it controls the health and lives of millions of people by infiltrating various sectors of our society. It has close ties to the media, science, business and politics. I am here to testify how this business manipulates research and medicine at the expense of our health.

There is no other disease that generates as much fear as cancer. Despite the decades of “war on cancer” and the billions of dollars invested in research, we feel powerless when facing this disease. According to the World Health Organization, about 10 million people die of cancer every year. In the US alone, the total cost in relation to cancer exceeds $180 billion annually. This is a scope of our misery but also a huge business.

Let’s take a closer look how this business protects itself by using an example of the prestigious hospital and research institution, such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. I have been there on several occasions at the time when I did my research at the Rockefeller University. They had very interesting scientific lectures there. And at that time, like many of my colleagues, I did not think much about who decides about research directions and programs and who controls the fate of the patients.

It is the Rockefeller family who controls the policy and directions at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering. An honorary co-chairman of the Boards of Overseers and Managers is Laurence S. Rockefeller, great-grandson of the deceased oil magnate John D. Rockefeller. The Board has also seated another member of this family, James Rockefeller. The chairman of the Board, Douglas Warner, takes care of financial aspects of cancer investment. Mr Warner is the board member of the J.P. Morgan , the Rockefeller’s bank. Therefore can be no doubt that financial and petrochemical investments are indeed being protected.

Pharmaceutical interests at the Sloan-Kettering Center are also well represented. A co-chairman of the board , James Robinson III, is also the chairman and chief executive officer of the pharma-giant Bristol-Myers Squibb. There is also Richard Gelb, who is the chairman of the board at Bristol-Myers. This pharmaceutical company holds patents on more than one dozen cancer drugs, and it accounts for almost half of all the chemotherapy drug sales in the world. What better way to ensure protection of their chemotherapy drug profits? Pfitzer, the largest drug producer in the world, is also there represented by Dr. Paul Marks. He functions as the president of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Center and also is a director of Pfizer.
The overall interests of the pharmaceutical industry are represented by another Board member, Richard Furlaud, He is a former president of Bristol-Myers Squibb, and now a director of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association. Any comments?

Now, you are not be surprised that under the leadership of these men, Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center continues its aggressive pro-chemotherapy stance and excludes almost all natural, non-toxic alternatives. These facts are generally unknown to the average person who puts $10 or $20 in the envelope to help the “war against cancer,” they are unknown to the patient who receives the drugs, and even to some of the doctors who administer them.

You may think that Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is unaware of the advances made in natural health. That is not the case.

:In the archives of Oregon State University you can find a letter that was sent in 1987 by Linus Pauling to Dr. Paul Marks, President of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering. Dr. Pauling, a two-time Nobel Laureate and close associate of Dr. Rath, urged that, a clinical study be conducted with vitamin C and cancer. What was the response? ..the answer is obvious. Today this Center knows about Dr. Rath’s research with lysine and other Cellular Health nutrients and their compelling results against cancer.

But cancer centers are not in there to open up their doors to cellular health. In fact, the boards of directors of these institutions are there so this does not happen. Careers and fortunes are built on promoting and expanding the chemotherapeutic approach, and on extending the drug markets that deal with its devastating side effects. The public must be convinced that chemotherapy works, people should remain quiet and leave the decisions to someone else.

Drugs are not meant to cure diseases. As one of the industry analyst put frankly in his interview published this year in the International Herald Tribune.

“When conducting drug clinical trials, we are concerned about two disasters: One disaster is that you kill people. The other disaster is that you cure them. The truly good drugs are ones that you can use for a long time…”

He is talking about our health and our lives!
How do millions of donors feel, people on low income who have been supporting cancer research in hope to find cure for themselves, or their families?? Deceived? Robbed? Is this how they expected their donations would be used?

We are in The Hague to demand that those responsible for deceiving millions of patients and undermining ethics of the medical profession to expand their business with disease are brought to justice.
I am here to provide the evidence for their practices. Just a few examples:

1. How pharmaceutical industry promotes continuation and expansion of diseases:

Cancer is an example. We have been told that cancer is on a rise because there are more elderly people in the population. And we should accept this as a fact. However, growth of cancer is faster than we age.

There are known reasons for an increase in cancer: toxic pollutants in our environment, the wider use of pharmaceutical drugs, which are by their nature toxic to the body, and micronutrient deficiencies.

According to the National Institutes of Health, almost one half of drugs commonly prescribed cause cancer. The most recent study data confirmed that the use of estrogen alone contributed to a 65 percent increase in breast cancer cases. And yet, the use of these drugs continues to expand.

It is an indisputable scientific fact that deficiencies of vitamins and minerals damage cellular DNA in the same manner as radiation and many toxic chemicals. The lack of vitamin C, B vitamins, and zinc cause cancer more often than other risk factors. We know that more than half of the population of industrialized countries does not receive even the lowest requirements for these micronutrients.

These deficiencies are easy to overcome. Does the pharmaceutical industry promote nutritional supplements? No! This would be an unwise business practice. So instead, it abuses the European Parliament, Codex, and other legislations to press for tougher laws to restrict our access to vitamins. In this way, this industry ensures that cancer rates will not decrease and the market for their products will grow.

2. Another example how pharmaceutical industry promotes diseases is by expanding the unapproved use of its prescription drugs.

For this they have been exploiting the reputations of doctors and misleading them into giving drugs to patients with health problems for which these drugs have not been tested and approved. In the year 2000 alone, this industry spent almost $8 billon for free drug samples to physicians. Free drugs are given not for charity reasons. This tactic helps the pharmaceutical industry to sell more drugs, but it also endangers the patient’s health.

: Here is an example of a group of drugs commonly prescribed for cardiovascular conditions, such high blood pressure or irregular heartbeat. The most commonly prescribed medication in this category is beta-blockers, which are the oldest drugs on the market, followed by calcium channel blockers. The newest and, therefore, most expensive ones are called an ACE inhibitors. All these drugs have been approved for defined health conditions. However, pharmaceutical marketers have been encouraging doctors to recommend these drugs for a so called “off label” diseases.

Approximately 38 percent of beta-blockers are prescribed for unapproved conditions, as are 47 percent of calcium channel blockers and 62 percent of ACE inhibitors. The more liberal use of these drugs brings higher risk of side effects and health complications. Of course, the newest ,most expensive drug, the ACE inhibitors, pose a risk of about 12 adverse health problems per each application. These practices continue for other drugs as well. Drug side effects are not a concern, because there are other drugs to deal with such side effects.

3. : The pharmaceutical industry abuses the authority of the medical profession by pressing for health guidelines with an intension of promoting drug sales.

The most recent examples are the new guidelines for prescribing cholesterol- lowering drugs and high blood pressure medication. Dr. Rath correctly calls this scheme “ the road map for printing money,” since the only motive behind it is increasing drug sales.

Two years ago, new guidelines were issued on healthy blood cholesterol levels for the only purpose: boosting prescriptions for new statin drugs. In just one day 23 million people were added as customers. Today, anyone with an LDL cholesterol higher than 100 mg/dl will qualify to spend the rest of his or her life on a statin prescription.

It does not matter that high cholesterol is not the cause, but the consequence of heart disease. It is irrelevant that statin drugs increase cancer risk, cause liver and heart damage, and that some of them were taken off the market because patients died as a result of taking them. This process continues.

Last month, new guidelines were issued for prescribing drugs to lower blood pressure. In 1990s, a blood pressure of 160/90 was considered normal. Today, blood pressure higher than 115/75, requires a treatment. With this trend, soon anyone with any measurable blood pressure will need a drug. At the same time patients who take high blood pressure medications do not know that these drugs are responsible for approximately 140 different side effects and adverse reactions, ranging from insomnia to depression to heart attack or cardiac arrest.

So what is a result of the decades-long monopoly of this industry? An enormous growth of chronic diseases. Remember the quote..the best drugs are those you have to take for a long, long time. Because of that, millions of people die every year from heart disease, stroke, cancer and other preventable diseases. In the US alone, about 4,000 people die every day from diseases that could have been avoided. There is also a new epidemic – death from prescription drugs, the fourth leading cause of death.

We have come to The Hague because we realize that heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and many other have been artificially maintained as a market for drugs. Today we know the causes of these diseases. These diseases are largely caused by a lack of vitamins and other essential micronutrients, they are the result of modern cellular malnutrition. I am here to show the power and opportunities of new health discoveries in cellular medicine for our health. By their logic and successful results they challenge pharmaceutical business and unmasks its deceiving nature.

4. Cellular medicine proves that cancer can be beaten naturally. This discovery was instrumental in showing that cancer has been abused as a market for drugs.

Today, cancer is treated exclusively by chemotherapy and radiation. These treatments damage both cancer cells and healthy cells. If the patient does not die during the treatment itself, a so-called “toxic death,” the body becomes so severely damaged that the patient requires other costly treatments. Consequently, patients develop new cancers. This of course contributes to more drug sales.

On this slide you can see some of the side effects of the chemotherapy drug IFEX, manufactured by Bristol-Myers Squibb. I am sure this drug is eagerly recommended by doctors at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

These side effects were reported in a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. They included liver toxicity in 61 percent of patients; ear damage in 81 percent of patients; kidney toxicity in 70 percent of patients; adverse pulmonary events in 92 percent of patients; cardiotoxicity in 94 percent of patients; eight percent of patients died of “toxic death,” a term especially developed for death by chemotherapy. And there were reported cases of coma and paralysis. But look what was the conclusion of the study …

: …IFEX chemotherapy is well tolerated with acceptable side effects and predictable organ toxicity. Can you believe it? Can you expect to be cured by this treatment?

This drug is not an exception. There are special books printed telling patients about side effects of chemotherapy.You can find a description of them on more than 200 pages of books, like this one. .

I am sure you’ve heard many success stories about the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Here are some facts taken from the Wall Street Journal:

The effectiveness of chemotherapy in breast cancer: 90 percent of women who do not undergo chemotherapy survive for 10 years. The survival odds of women who undergo traumatic chemotherapy are a mere two percent higher. Are you surprised? Can you imagine life devastated by this treatment? What about other diseases that made you seriously ill? What about the financial burden of paying medical bills for years?

; Here are the chances for a disease-free survival for many cancers taken from one of the textbooks of medicine. You can’t call it “ progress” accomplished by 30 years long “war on cancer”?

There is only one conclusion we can draw from the decades-long continuation of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The biggest obstacle to curing cancer is the scope of/ business that drug companies created for their patented products. In one year their cancer drug sales exceed $100billion.

The change can come only with cellular medicine.

Conventional drug-based medicine has ignored the fact that 90 percent of deaths from cancer is caused by metastasis, the spread of cancer. Cellular medicine targets precisely this process in a complex way.

Based on Dr. Rath’s scientific discovery and our research we know that we can stop the growth and spread of cancer naturally at the following stages.

1. Nutrients can block the enzymes that cancer cells use to degrade connective tissue, which means the growth and spread of cancer can be stopped.
2. Nutrients can kill cancer cells without destroying healthy cells.
3. Nutrients can help starve a tumor by restricting blood flow to it.

As of today, we tested more than 10 different types of cancers. In each case, we have shown that the invasion of cancer cells can be blocked by cellular nutrients. These nutrients include vitamin C, the amino acids lysine and proline, a green tea extract and several other micronutrients. These studies, which first we conducted directly on cancer cells, now we have confirmed in the entire organism.

We tested whether nutrients could restrict the growth of tumors in the body and, particularly, in a situation when the immune system is damaged and cannot help to fight the cancer. This mimicks a situation in a cancer patient whose immune system had been destroyed by chemotherapy and radiation.

We are fully aware that animal experiments should be kept to an absolute minimum for ethical reasons. However, there are breakthroughs being made in medicine that can save thousands or even millions of lives. This is the situation with our natural cancer treatment. For this breakthrough to be accepted by conventional medicine, it must be confirmed with such data.

We conducted this experiment with a special type of mice with impaired immune systems. Unlike their normal cousins, these animals are prone to cancer and grow tumors very fast. We measured the growth of melanoma , colon and prostate tumors in these mice. One group of mice was fed normal diets and the other group received the same diets that had been enriched with vitamin C, lysine, and other cellular nutrients. Just after three weeks, it had become evident that all tumors were significantly smaller in mice who ate diets enriched with cellular nutrients. Size of melanoma and prostate tumors was reduced by half, and colon tumors were reduced by as much as 70 percent. Remember, these results were achieved in the body without normal immune system function. This confirms that even when the immune system is destroyed, nutrients are so powerful that they can still curb tumor expansion.

Nutrients can also fight cancer directly as selective chemotherapy agents, they should be called biotherapy agents. They can destroy cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.

This study graph shows that cancer cells can be destroyed by various nutrients by 40-80 percent while healthy cells in the body continue to function normally. Currently, we are testing more natural substances for this effect.

We can also use nutrients to stop the formation of new blood vessels. When new blood vessels grow in a tumor it not a good sign because they help feed cancer. Today there are no drugs that can stop this process..

But look how nutrients can help.

New blood vessels are composed of endothelial cells, which move through the tissue and combine in a shape of a tube, forming a new blood vessel; therefore, the migration of cells is important. These cells move in response to a signal coming from small molecules called vascular growth factors. We tested whether our cellular nutrient combination could decrease cell migration and the secretion of vascular growth factors.

: This data confirms that nutrients can do just that. The migration of cancer cells was decreased by 62 percent using a combination of vitamin C, lysine, proline and other essential nutrients.

In addition, the secretion of vascular growth factors was decreased. This means that nutrients can prevent the formation of new blood vessels that feed tumors. Cellular medicine can help in all stages of cancer.

We know already that this approach is successful in a variety of cancers. Starting from adrenal tumors to testicular cancer. And there is no miracle in it. All cancers use the same mechanism to grow and spread in the body. And we found nutrients that can control this mechanism effectively and safely.

This is why they are effective in fighting brain and prostate cancers.

They are effective for lung and bone and many other cancers. And we can provide clinical documentation for all these cases.
Today, you can meet with many former cancer patients who successfully defeated their disease. They came to The Hague to share with you and the world that cellular medicine has helped them to regain health and lead normal lives. Some, like Mr. Ansel, have even flown from the U.S. to be with us. We welcome all these courageous people.

Cancer is not the only example that illustrates how diseases can be artificially maintained to serve as markets for pharmaceutical drugs.

Today, we know that many forms of cardiovascular diseases can be controlled naturally.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the industrialized world. In 2000, total sales of drugs for high blood pressure, angina and other problems approached $52 billion. This industry does not expect that heart disease will be cured soon because it has projected that their sales of drugs will reach $76.5 billion in 2005.

The only way how this drug market can be maintained is by suppressing information about Dr. Rath’s breakthrough discoveries in heart disease and by controlling people access to effective non-patentable essential nutrients. The industry knows that these nutrients can effectively prevent and treat heart disease.

We have clinical proof that cellular medicine is effective in many forms of cardiovascular disease. It can reduce and even reverse cardiovascular deposits, the main cause of heart attacks and strokes. It can lower high blood pressure safely and effectively, decrease blood sugar levels in diabetics and improve other cardiovascular-related conditions.

Most recently, we confirmed the effectiveness of cellular medicine in such dangerous health condition as arrhythmia. Millions of people suffer from this problem. The reason why this disease continues is because drug-based medicine does not accept the true cause of irregular heartbeat. Moreover, it promotes drugs that are dangerous and many cause arrhythmia itself as a side effects.

Arrhythmia develops when the heart muscle cells responsible for regulating heart rhythm begin to malfunction. The result is a disturbance in the generation and conduction of electrical impulses, which causes chaotic contraction of the heart. This is a dangerous situation because it can cause a sudden death.

The reason why arrhythmia develops is very simple. When heart cells starve for bioenergy generating nutrients, such as coenzyme Q10, carnitine and vitamin C, they cannot function and electrical impulses triggering heart beat are not send in rhythmical manner. So replenishment of these nutrients should be the first step in prevention of this condition.

We conducted a clinical study with cellular health nutrients in 131 patients suffering from arrhythmia. This was a double-blind placebo-controlled study. In this kind of study, patients are randomly assigned to take vitamins or a placebo, which is a sugar pill. Also, neither the patients nor the doctors know who receives the treatment and who receives the placebo.

The results showed that after six months, patients who took cellular nutrient program experienced less arrhythmia attacks. About one-third more patients on vitamins improved compared to those taking a placebo.

The improvements were noted in patients after just three months on the vitamin program, and results were even better after six months, when 43% of patients experienced less arrhythmic episodes. It is evident that health benefits increase with longer use of vitamins.

We also observed that approximately three times more patients who took vitamins , which was 16%, were completely free of arrhythmia compared to patients in the group that did not take vitamins, only 6%. All these results were statistically significant, which means that the chance of repeating these results is very high.

What was especially important was the observation that the general health of patients on the vitamins had improved, especially mental heath aspects, such as less cases of depression. At the same time, the health of people not taking vitamins deteriorated.

But how many patients know about the results of this study? We submitted this study to a medical journal for rapid publication, but we were told that there is non reason to rush. They told us to wait for the standard review process, for about 2 months. So we are waiting, and patients who do not know about this study are waiting also, while taking beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, and other medications. This market must be protected at all costs. This is why there is no rush to publish the positive results of vitamin studies.

But you can change that.

Another example of an artificially maintained market that is threatened by cellular medicine is heart failure.

Millions of people suffer from heart failure, edema and severe fatigue.
Is it possible that thousands of researchers and doctors cannot find the cause of heart failure? It seems unbelievable.

The heart muscle is a unique organ because it is a continuously working pump and because of that it needs lots of biological energy. The most frequent cause of heart muscle weakness is a lack of energy in the heart muscle cells. When heart weakens, blood circulation slows down and water accumulates in the body. So what doctors do? Give you vitamins to increase cellular bioenergy? Of course not. They prescribe diuretics to flush out water from the body. But together with water also vitamins and minerals are removed, so the patients condition actually get worse, not better. Today, millions of heart failure patients are treated with drugs that worsen their condition to a point where they need a heart transplant. Many patients die while waiting for a new heart.

However, the only effective way to treating heart failure is to ensure that the heart cells receive an optimum supply of vitamins and bioenergy factors.

Our clinical study confirms that patients can benefit from the simple measure of vitamin supplementation. Patients in our study had different stages of a disease classified according to the New York Heart Association scale. At Stage Two, they can perform normal daily activities with difficulty or pain and at Stage Four, they are mainly confined to bed. In 70 percent of patients who took vitamins, heart conditions were improved. It is interesting that patients who did not improve during this six-month study were patients who did not take vitamins.

This cartoon illustrates a nonsense of pharma-built conventional medicine. If you are heart failure patient, show it to your doctor and explain to him that you don’t need a new motor, or heart, in your body, you just need more fuel. That fuel comes in the form of vitamins and other nutrients that can improve the function of your motor, or heart. Tell your doctor this, and insist that he or she learns about vitamins from Dr Rath.

What I have shared with you today represents just a fraction of the research progress made by our small group of scientists. These results indicate what could have been accomplished in natural health research if it had not been suppressed for decades by the pharmaceutical industry.

We have come to The Hague to stop the unnecessary deaths of millions of people from diseases that can be controlled with natural, safe and effective measures.

At the end I want to mention another reason why we are here, in the Hague. It is because of Dr. Rath. He has provided his discoveries so that we can start building our health. He has taken the responsibility to lead us in demanding our right to health, to a life of dignity and self-respect and to a just and peaceful world. We are gathered here today because one man, Dr. Rath, has shown courage and perseverance in speaking the truth about natural health, about cellular medicine, and about peace so that each and every one of us will be empowered to build a healthy and peaceful world for our generation and for generations to come.

We are here to thank Dr. Rath for his commitment and leadership in building the future of our health.



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