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A World Without Disease Is Possible

Chris Fairhurst

This presentation was given by Dr. Alexandra Niedzwiecki to the Hague Tribunal, 15th June 2003

Good morning. Everything that we do, work, travel, even being happy are possible only when we are healthy. And our health, and the world’s health, begins with cellular medicine. As long as there is just one person who doesn’t know about cellular medicine, there can be no global health. We have to stop to see death as a part of statistics not as a human tragedy, otherwise there can be no global peace. And if we ignore a child who suffers from hunger, vitamin deficiencies, AIDS, or tuberculosis, there can be no global justice.

And we are here to change it!

What is our goal? WE want to reduce all chronic diseases to a fraction of their current rates. By the year 2020 heart disease, cancer, diabetes should be reduced by 80-90%. This may seem like an audacious goal, you may ask, can we achieve it?

Definitely, yes. Because we know the causes of the majority of chronic diseases. These diseases develop as a result of a long-term deficiency of micronutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. These deficiencies cause a malfunction of the cells and poor organ function, which, in turn, lead to a disease. These deficiencies are also easy to correct. Not through genetically modified food but by supplementation with natural vitamins and other essential nutrients so each person can take what he or she needs and how much.

What are the important elements of our success? First, our financial independence, which is possible through your support. We don’t need investors who will dictate what to do. This independence gives us the ability to achieve the most important step, which is advancing research and studies with vitamins. We cannot wait for Pfizer, or Bristol Meyers Squibb to do this for us.

And the third, everyone should know about it.

During the past year, we have presented our work at more than 15 scientific and medical meetings in the US, Canada and throughout Europe. We have provided the scientific and clinical proof that cellular medicine works! I want to tell you that we have been receiving requests for health advice from the managers of pharma-giants, such as Merck. How ironic it is that they have turned to us for solutions to their health problems because their own products don’t work!

And there is a reason why: Just look what we have accomplished

We showed that Coronary deposits in the artery walls can be eliminated naturally. Not because of low cholesterol, but because nutrients help to maintain strong and elastic arteries so there is no need to repair them by fat laden plaques. By this way nutrients can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.

High blood pressure can be lowered naturally. Patients in this study could decrease their systolic and diastolic pressure by about 20%. Nutrients do not pose health risks, unlike the high blood pressure medications.

High sugar levels in diabetic patients can be decreased naturally.

The spread of cancer can be stopped naturally. Yesterday I showed you our research results with many types of cancer

We have already documented success in eliminating several types of cancer with nutrients. We are preparing now a large clinical trial in cancer that can further document in an objective way the effectiveness of this approach.

Nutrients can also prevent the detrimental effects of estrogen treatment. Estrogen triggers cell division and promotes cancer cell growth. Today, estrogen is used by millions of women. However, estrogen increases the risk for breast and uterine cancers, heart attacks, and other serious diseases. We are developing natural approaches to lessen the devastating side effects of pharmaceutical drugs, such as estrogen.

New and exciting results from our laboratory research show that the combination of vitamin C, lysine, proline, a green tea extract and other cellular nutrients can slow down the growth of cancer cells stimulated by estrogen. Adding these nutrients to estrogen-stimulated cells can decrease cell growth by 60 percent. Nutrients can counteract the negative effects of estrogen and decrease cancer risk. The many women using estrogen drugs should take advantage of these findings now!

Nutrients can be used as effective anti-inflammatory agents. They can affect several mediators of inflammation, both cell bound and secreted. All these numbers indicate a significant decrease in various inflammatory reactions in the body. Today, aspirin, ibuprophen, and Cox-2 inhibitors are used by millions of people who are unaware of natural, effective, and safe alternatives. All anti-inflammatory drugs cause severe side effects, such as intestinal bleeding, erosion of cartilage and new diseases. All these can be avoided with the use of specific nutrients.

Our clinical study confirmed that nutrients can reduce inflammation in patients suffering from arthritis. The levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), which is an indicator of inflammation, and blood cell sedimentation values improve in patients following an essential nutrient program. Both values decreased.

These examples represent just a fraction of the clinical research and studies we have conducted at Matthias Rath, Inc. with our group of wonderful people. These results should tell you that if such a small group of researchers could make such great progress in such a short period of time, conventional medicine has wasted a tremendous amount of resources and time pursuing pharmaceutical approaches. Our researchers, along with myself, are privileged to make a contribution to this success based on Dr. Rath’s discoveries.

But to be successful, we must inform people everywhere about these discoveries. Just think, by sharing the knowledge of cellular medicine, you can offer hope to other patients, to your friends and loved ones, to your neighbors, to everyone you meet. What’s more, we must demand that our politicians no longer risk our lives by allowing the suppression of this information!

The scientific truth is with us. The power to change our health is with us. We have to reach every corner of the globe with Dr. Rath’s Cellular Health message! Look at what we have accomplished already! Look what we can do together united by the mission of health and peace for all!

Thank you!



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