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Welcome Speech

This presentation was given by Dr. Ursula Schefler, Executive director of the Dr Rath Health Foundation, to the Hague Tribunal, 14th June 2003

"My Dear Ladies And Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues, A warm welcome to the Dr. Rath Health Foundation’s Hague Tribunal. My name is Ursula Schefler and I am currently working in the Berlin office of the Foundation. I have a dream! This is how the Nobel Prize winner Martin Luther King began his world fa-mous speech to a huge crowd of more than 100,000 demonstrators in Washington in November 1962. The main theme of his speech deals with the great vision of a more just, de-mocratic, not racist and peaceful America."
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The Investment 'Business With Disease'

Chris Fairhurst

This presentation was given by Chris Fairhurst to
The Hague Tribunal, 14th June 2003

"My witness statement this afternoon concerns the dubious business practices of a global industry – specifically, the pharmaceutical industry – and the financial interest groups supporting it. I shall refer collectively to this industry and its financiers throughout my testimony as the ‘Business With Disease’ for reasons that will already be obvious. In the world of the ‘business with disease’ profit and the accumulation of wealth is the main driving force behind every decision taken. To the men who control these companies, it isn’t important how the profits (and hence the wealth) are generated, simply that they are.
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Terminating the Business With Disease

Chris Fairhurst

This presentation was given by Dr. Alexandra Niedzwiecki to the Hague Tribunal, 14th June 2003

"We came here today to speak out on behalf of our parents, our friends, and our children who may have suffered or even died prematurely because of an industry that has deceived us for decades. This industry promises health, but it profits from maintaining and expanding diseases. This industry builds its wealth at the expense of solutions to our health problems.This industry turns a blind eye to our misery and allows us to die if we do not have money to pay for its products. What industry is it? This is the pharmaceutical industry."
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A World Without Disease Is Possible

Chris Fairhurst

This presentation was given by Dr. Alexandra Niedzwiecki to the Hague Tribunal, 15th June 2003

"Everything that we do, work, travel, even being happy are possible only when we are healthy. And our health, and the world’s health, begins with cellular medicine. As long as there is just one person who doesn’t know about cellular medicine, there can be no global health. We have to stop to see death as a part of statistics not as a human tragedy, otherwise there can be no global peace. And if we ignore a child who suffers from hunger, vitamin deficiencies, AIDS, or tuberculosis, there can be no global justice. What is our goal? We want to reduce all chronic diseases to a fraction of their current rates."
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The Law And Vitamin Freedom In The United States

Chris Fairhurst

This presentation was given by Kevin Grimes to the Hague Tribunal, 15th June 2003

"To be perfectly honest, I think that listening to a lawyer talk about anything is about as exciting as watching grass grow and as pleasant as getting a cavity in your tooth filled. It is my privilege to have the opportunity to talk with you about the state of the law and vitamin freedom in the United States. The good news is that vitamin freedom has increased dramatically in the U.S. during the last 20 years and that the current state of the law regarding nutritional or “dietary” supplements is better than it has ever been. While the pharmaceutical industry still retains a vast stronghold in the U.S., it is losing ground."
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