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The Hague Tribunal

June 14 & 15, 2003

In The Name Of The People Of The World:
Complaint Against Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanity
On 14th June 2003 before an international audience in The Hague, Dr Rath laid a complaint of genocide and other crimes against humanity against the financial interests behind the pharmaceutical industry and the war against Iraq >> more

Unanimous Support For ‘The People’s Agenda’
The Hague Tribunal audience hears Dr Rath read the ‘Constitution for A New World of Peace, Health and Social Justice.’ Universally acclaimed by all present, this document will form the foundation of a new healthcare system to replace the criminal ‘business with disease.’ >> more

Expert Witnesses Testify
Against The ‘Business With Disease’

International experts provide The Hague audience with extensive evidence of the criminal activities that are the subject of the Complaint >> more

We Shall Overcome
A survivor of the IG Farben Auschwitz labour camp provides moving testimony to the inhumanity of the business with disease >> more

A Momentous Occasion
A photo-impression of the momentous events that took place at 'The Hague Tribunal' with thanks to all those who took part. We Shall Overcome! >> more

Complaint Lodged At The ICC
Dr. Rath addresses supporters outside the ICC building before lodging the Hague Complaint on behalf of the people of the world.
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