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Tomás Martinez, a Health Adviser from Spain

"Symposium - Health for the 21st Century", on the eve of the Codex Alimentarius meeting on Sunday 18th June 2000 in the Estrel Hotel, Berlin.

When we were invited to a meeting with Dr. Rath in The Netherlands, we had been part of this network for just three months. The meeting with Dr. Rath was arranged by Rosa Ulderink, one of Dr. Rath's employees.

Tomás Martinez

After the meeting with Dr. Rath we were convinced that [Cellular Medicine] is the ideal system of medical care, the ideal way for many people who are living without hope.

My wife, a trained nurse, and myself identify totally with the ideas of Dr. Rath. My wife is continually extending the hours of her private consultancy, and I have begun to give lectures. While I have been giving my lectures to relatives, friends and later on the radio, my wife has been speaking with colleagues at the publicly-funded Spanish Health Centre [where she works].

The responses to our joint activities have been varied. People who have an unbiased attitude to pharmaceutical drugs reacted with great interest. This unreserved interest enabled us to send over 50 letters to the Spanish Codex delegates in Berlin.

However, doctors, some of my wife's colleagues and also some friends reacted more negatively, in extreme cases branding high-dose vitamins as a con and a fraud. They demanded that the Codex must without fail act against the swindler and traitor Dr. Rath.

Finally though there were also doctors, friends and acquaintances who gave us a friendly hearing. Among them was a young relative. After listening to me for a while, he said to me: "Tomás, you have been retired for two years now, but you won't be able to enjoy your retirement for long with Alzheimer's Disease already affecting you." I think that when he sees us on the local television channel on the programme "Green Light for Life" he'll stop saying that I suffer from Alzheimer's and will instead say I am the new Don Quixote, fighting giants. Of course we know that we are not fighting giants but tilting at windmills which are driven by the wind of the criminal interests of the pharmaceutical cartel.

And that is why I would like to remind you of the words of a poet from the first century of the Christian era, who must have been a Spaniard, and who said: "Nothing human is indifferent to me" (Nihil humanum esse alienum a me puto - Marcus Aurelius). And we, who feel the pain in our side, must not react with indifference to this exploitation to which we are being subjected by Codex, and more concretely by the pharmaceutical cartel. Finally, in memory of my year as a Latin teacher, I would like to paraphrase Cicero's first speech against Catilina, who was an enemy, a serious enemy of Rome's interests and of the Roman people: "Quousque tandem abutere, Codex Berlinensis, salute nostra?" (How long now, Codex, meeting in Berlin, will you pursue your rapacious exploitation of our health?)

We, free, intelligent people, who have come together in this fabulous, historic and fascinating city of Berlin, we must not react with indifference to what is happening before our very eyes, to these abuses by the pharmaceutical cartel, which is only interested in its profits from pharmaceutical drugs, with all the suffering and death they bring. And that is why we must fight with all our strength and using all available means to make our network stronger so that all those finding themselves in the dark tunnel of disease will be able to see a light of hope at the end of the tunnel, and we should be proud that we are pioneers of this new era that Doctor Rath has brought into being.



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