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Martin Muncaster, Great Britain

Martin Muncaster, ex-BBC reporter from Great Britain and an organiser of the fight against the national ban on natural therapies in the UK, MLX 249, at the demonstration on 26.11.2001 outside the Federal Consumer Health Protection Agency (BgVV) building at Diedersdorfer Weg 1 in Berlin- Marienfelde.

Good morning. Please excuse my German accent. First of all, we are delighted to be here, and we’ve come from England, where it also rains like this.

First of all I would like to heartily thank Dr. Rath’s team and the people here for ensuring that people will continue to have access to dietary supplements. A very big thank you to Dr. Rath, and we assure you here and now that we want to carry his mission to England.

We are just as passionate as you are when freedom is at stake.

That also applies to the freedom to take responsibility for our own health.

Not to have to be told by people like those meeting in the building behind us what is healthy and what is good for our health. (sic) That is my message, which we will also take back to England with us. A very big thank you to Dr. Rath and all the other people who help to preserve our freedom. It is absolutely vital that we continue to do this. And all best wishes to you. I am really impressed that so many people are on our side.



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