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Cancer Research Report

The "Cancer Research Report" was presented by Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki on Sunday, November 28, 2001 at the Health Symposium in Berlin.

Please also read Dr. Niedzwiecki's speech to the "Codex" Rally in Berlin on Monday, November 29, 2001.

Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki

Today I want to share with you the exciting results of our research on cancer, new findings that open up new directions in prevention and treatment of this disease. What you will learn today will also show you the consequences of the most recent legislation of the European Parliament, which forbids the use of amino acid supplements, including lysine.

Cancer is the most feared of all diseases. If a doctor tells you “you have cancer” it sounds like a death sentence. Not many are lucky to survive the devastating cancer treatment. Every year about 500,000 people die of cancer. As we are sitting here, every minute one person dies of this fearful disease.

Searching for a cancer cure costs us a great deal of money, but the cure is not even in sight. Why have we not succeeded?. What strategy have we implemented?

It is a war strategy: we attack our body with weapons of destruction to kill cancer cells. We use toxic chemicals, nuclear radiation - what is not killed is removed by surgery. All these measures destroy our entire body, sick and healthy cells alike and create new diseases. Who benefits from it? - the pharmaceutical business. The late stages of cancer are the most profitable.

But an answer to cancer can be found in our body.

Let’s look at the stages of cancer growth. Cancer cells develop in our body all the time during our entire life, whether we are young or old. Every day, every minute a cell loses an internal mechanism to control its own growth. But the body can recognize and eliminate such abnormal cells. However, sometimes a cell manages to escape and starts to multiply endlessly, first forming a local tumor, which then expands and spreads to other organs in the body.

One mechanism that cancer cells use to expand in the body is through digesting their surroundings. This mechanism was described by Dr. Rath in his book on cancer. Cancer cells produce and secrete millions of enzyme molecules, which, like scissors, cut collagen and tissue that surrounds cells. This picture shows how liver cancer cells use these enzymes to cut little holes in the blood vessel wall and get into the blood stream where they can travel to other organs, such as the lungs. Using the same mechanism, cancer cells can settle there and start new tumor growth.

This stage, called metastasis, is the most dangerous stage of cancer. If a tumor stays in one place it rarely endangers our life. But about 90% of cancer deaths are the result of metastases, when a tumor invades various organs in the body.

But it must be natural mechanisms that keep cells in place and prevent the spread of cancer. Dr Rath suggested that our bodies can use lysine, a natural amino acid, to block the action of collagen digesting enzymes. He published his findings in 1992, and here you can see a manuscript of his work.

This picture shows how lysine blocks the enzyme’s ability to digest collagen by binding to it. If there is enough lysine to block enzyme molecules the movement of cells through the tissue can practically stop. I want to emphasize the words “enough lysine”. This is very important, because lysine, like vitamin C, cannot be produced in our body. We can only get it from our diet, therefore, deficiency of lysine is likely. This means that our body’s ability to control collagen digestion can be compromised if intake of lysine is too low.

I will show you the results of a simple experiment in which we could proove that lysine and other nutrients can stop collagen digestion and the invasion of cancer cells.

We took two identical experimental vials. The top and bottom parts of each vial were separated by a membrane made of collagen matrix, the substance that makes the walls of our blood vessels.

In the upper chambers we placed the same number of cancer cells in a solution containing identical nutrients, except lysine. In the left vial cells were without lysine; in the vial on the right the solution contained lysine. After some time we counted how many cells in each vial were able to digest collagen membrane and move to the lower chamber. Almost all cells in the solution without lysine made their way through. But if lysine was present very few cells could migrate through collagen. It was the lysine that kept cancer cells in place and prevented their spreading through collagen.

This remarkable result tells us that lysine is a powerful nutrient that can control the movement of cancer cells in the body.

This graph shows that in the presence of lysine only 16% of cancer cells can move through collagen. This inhibitory effect is even more pronounced in the presence of additional nutrients such as vitamin C and proline. Currently we are testing other nutrients and getting remarkable results, which we will communicate to you soon. We anticipate that we should be able to stop the spread of cancer cells completely.

Perhaps you want to ask which types of cancer cells can be stopped by lysine, and other nutrients? Very good question. We tested various kinds of cancer cells all of which responded to this treatment: you can see that an invasion of breast cancer cells can be inhibited by 56% and colon cancer by 60%. Melanoma, a very aggressive skin cancer, was the most sensitive: cell invasion could be inhibited by 85% , which means that these cells can be practically confined to one place and stop expanding.

We are proud of these findings, which confirm that cellular medicine offers solutions for the most critical process in cancer development, the invasion of cancer cells to other organs in the body. Conventional medicine is powerless in this.

Conventional cancer treatments destroy cancer cells in various parts of the body but at the same time they kill healthy cells, making recovery a difficult and often impossible task. Even more, this treatment stimulates new cancers in the body.

We also made another important contribution in this area. We have found a natural treatment that is not harmful to healthy cells in the body while it is effective in destroying cancer cells.

This graph shows the effect of ascorbyl palmitate, a natural derivative of vitamin C, on growth of cancer cells and normal cells. As you see this vitamin C compound, inhibited the growth of skin cancer cells and liver cancer by 70-80% without affecting healthy cells from these tissues. We presented these findings at the meeting of American College of Clinical Nutrition in Florida last month.

Whilst negative news about vitamin C spreads quickly, have you heard about this finding?

What I’ll tell you now is not a research experiment. This is a real story, a story of a person, whose life had been saved because of Dr. Rath’s discovery. This patient had lung cancer, which you can see on this x-ray picture on the left. After following a cellular health program for 10 months, cancer cells disappeared – a remarkable triumph of cellular medicine. Is it a miracle? No, this is science.

Here is our cancer research team. The Cancer study has been carried out by Dr. Nettke in cooperation with: Drs. Ivanov and Roomi, with technical help from Haiman and Svetlana. Dr. Rath and I are very proud of these talented and dedicated scientists. This research would have not been possible without your support as cellular health consultants. You can see how we use our funds so they can return to you in the form of new solutions for your health.

We’ve made remarkable progress. Why have pharmaceutical companies never been interested in pursuing this avenue in cancer treatment? Perhaps cancer patients would then use fewer drugs and it would have cost less - not a very good marketing strategy.

Cellular Medicine is the medicine of the future in all stages of cancer:

Prevention: healthy diet and supplements enhance cancer defense mechanisms in the body. Conventional medicine is not interested in prevention unless drugs can be used.

Tumor growth; natural substances can be effective in eliminating abnormal cancer cells without destroying healthy cells. Radiation and chemotherapy contribute to new cancers and the disease spreads.

Metastasis: Cellular Medicine offers effective and safe solutions to curb the invasion of cancer in the body by the use of lysine and other natural molecules. This area is not much investigated by the pharmaceutical companies. You now know the answer why…

Profit - or Health? Today you learned about your options and you can make an informed decision.

What you’ve learned today helps you to answer the questions that I asked at the beginning of my talk. What is the consequence of recent European Parliament legislation restricting the use of amino acid supplements, such as lysine? Now you know what lysine does in your body, but… you cannot use it. Now, you can see how important it is to have freedom in using nutritional supplements and how important it is to stop anti-vitamin Codex legislation that protects pharmaceutical markets at the expense of your health.

Please also read Dr. Niedzwiecki's speech to the "Codex" Rally in Berlin on Monday, November 29, 2001.



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