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Tinnitus - Symptom-Free After Cellular Therapy

This lecture was given by ENT specialist Dr. Hadrich from Germany to the "Symposium - Health for the 21st Century", which took place on Sunday, June 18, 2000 in the Estrel Hotel, Berlin.

I am delighted to be able to present to you something that, as a qualified ear, nose and throat specialist, I would not have considered possible.

Dr. Hadrich

In recent years I have personally conducted several scientific studies on antibiotics and have sometimes been very dubious about the effects of the drugs because they also have so many side effects.

Last year I met Dr. Rath. The subject of tinnitus, which has concerned me for years as an ENT specialist, was the motivation to undertake a study. We normally diagnose tinnitus in patients who complain of noises in the ear and chronic tinnitus when the noises persist for more than three months. Many patients who suffer from it come to me and my colleagues and are treated with drugs. We attempt to use chemicals to promote or improve the blood circulation in the inner ear.

In January I began to treat chronic tinnitus patients with high-dose vitamins. I persuaded 21 patients to undergo this therapy and observed the group for four months. After four weeks the patients were checked up again. An audiogram and a timpanogram were carried out and the patients were interviewed in detail about how their tinnitus had changed.

After a few months - I have now concluded the study - something happened that I would never have thought possible. A significant number of the patients had experienced improvement in their tinnitus and in some it had disappeared altogether. I was delighted and discussed with the patients what to do next. Most of the patients will continue to take high-dose vitamins!

However, that wasn't the only noteworthy finding that both delighted and astonished me as an ear, nose and throat specialist. Many of the patients' sense of hearing had improved. I don't know if you are aware that many patients who suffer from tinnitus are hard of hearing, and so naturally an audiogram must be carried out as an initial diagnostic tool. The evaluation of these diagrams revealed something that my colleagues would never have believed possible. Hearing improvements of up to 50dB were registered, which meant that the patients could once again hear normally.

At first I was so sceptical that I said to myself, maybe five per cent of the subjects will show a slight improvement during the study - the so-called placebo effect, which can occur with any drug. However, the opposite was the case: the effects and the results were simply astonishing. I have recommended to Dr. Rath that we carry out a scientifically-grounded double blind study, and have offered my services for it, because the results we have achieved to date have more than convinced me. For a long time I have treated tumour patients with vitamin C, having studied the teachings of the renowned Professor Linus Pauling. It was only last year that I first found out about Dr. Rath and his Cellular Medicine.

I am convinced that this represents the new way and I hope that many doctors and specialists will come forward to carry out further studies. Thank you.



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