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Patient with Severe Gangrene Spared a Leg Amputation Thanks to Cellular Medicine.

This lecture was given by Dr. Gerd Koschik from Austria to the "Symposium - Health for the 21st Century", which took place on Sunday, June 18, 2000 in the Estrel Hotel, Berlin

It is a special pleasure for me to have the opportunity to report a case to you here.

Dr. Gerd Koschik

First I would like to say something in advance: my patient, Frau Trapp, has asked me to pass on to Dr. Rath her heartfelt thanks. She hopes to be able to thank you personally herself at a later date.

I have not always been a proponent of Cellular Medicine. I practised as a country doctor for 12 years before turning to preventive and environmental medicine. There had been a series of tragedies involving disease and premature death in my family, and these prompted me to devote myself to the problem of disease avoidance. However, through all those years I did not have any proper tools apart from ultrasound and the laboratory. It is only over the past two-and-a-half years that I have come across Cellular Medicine. I must also admit that I took quite a long time coming round. For a year I had Dr. Rath's book lying on my desk without taking a look at it, which now with hindsight I very much regret. But the conversion process simply took a while.

I started treating Frau Trapp, who is 71, in spring last year. At that time she came to me in a state of complete despair, but as you can see, now she can laugh again.

When she came to me her lower leg was in a very severe condition after years of insulin-dependent diabetes, and gangrene had set in. She was advised to have the leg amputated. For me this was the impetus to put my working philosophy to the test.

We commenced treatment with Cellular Medicine and after the first week this leg, which had had no feeling and was initially cold to the touch and with blue discoloration, was once again warm to the touch. However, after this Frau Trapp also started suffering severe pains in the area where the blood supply had previously been cut off, i.e., feeling and life had returned to the area. Obviously recanalisation was taking place, and the blood supply was returning. Otherwise that would not have been possible.

After three weeks of severe pain, during which I had to exercise all my powers of persuasion to convince Frau Trapp to carry on with the treatment, something else happened that almost put the whole enterprise at risk. The patient had always been worried that the bone itself had been affected. To dispel this worry, I sent her to a surgeon for an x-ray, but this did in fact reveal the destruction of tissue in the area at the front of the foot, and she was told that an amputation was now unavoidable, since this was a warning sign and any delay would be irresponsible.

The women was in complete despair and came back to me. During a lengthy appointment I succeeded in raising her spirits and bolstering her confidence. During this appointment I found out that she had had a fracture in this area years previously and that this had led to the formation of callous tissue in the area. So I sent her back to the surgeon and advised her to let him know this new information. After a thorough examination my colleague confirmed that there was clearly an area of callous tissue at the site of an old fracture, and that in view of this the amputation could be postponed. In the meantime, pink tissue had returned in the gangrenous area. The coloration was becoming normal, so that there was now real hope that the area would heal. After a further three months the healing process was advanced, and today I can report that the leg has completely healed and is fully functional. All you can now see are some minor scars.

Frau Trapp can once again do her housework and look after her husband.
I am very, very happy to be able to present this case before such a large forum and thus demonstrate that you really can achieve results with Cellular Medicine. But for me as a practitioner of preventive medicine what is of fundamental importance is what can be done in advance.



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