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"Go Out and Demonstrate"

Official Codex Commission delegate Gene S. Oden from the USA/New Zealand reports on what goes on in the Commission.

Thank you for letting me be here today. We have already had occasion to meet. And a wonderful occasion it was too back then, when I came out from the Codex Alimentarius meeting and wondered, "Who is this curious bunch of renegades out here, protesting for vitamins and against the pharmaceutical cartel?"

Gene S. Oden

Then I got to know Dirk Brandt and Dr. Matthias Rath, and many of their supporters who were also there. In those days it was a very small group in comparison to the people here today. I was deeply impressed in the way you spoke out and showed so much commitment.

What was happening? I am a delegate from the USA, as you will easily be able to tell if you are familiar with different English accents.

I grew up in the USA and was employed as a lawyer for a company making dietary supplements, where I got to know a splendid doctor like Dr. Rath, one Dr. Hans Nieper. A German who some of you may have heard of. He was the head of the oncology association here in Germany, but he was also a pioneer of alternative medicine. He died a few years ago shortly after the demonstration at which I met you.

What I want to tell you is that we in the USA have had to fight a war, many wars. As you know, we are a fighting people, we are a great military power. That is our mentality. If someone hits you, you have to hit back.

As I am a lawyer by training, I decided to chuck in my job at the company and become a professional lobbyist, which for most people means something bad, but I said to myself, "You must be a lobbyist for positive things, you must know that you have to fight against injustice."

What happened next? The Codex group is actually a group of nice people like you, who believe in a certain philosophy which states that doctors who have enjoyed an orthodox medical education are knights in shining armour. This group was more or less forced to adhere to this teaching since its lectures were held by representatives of the pharmaceutical companies whose drugs they prescribe.

And then there is another professional group - the pharmacists - who distribute these drugs.

And there you have a whole bunch of people who currently control the entire funds of the health care system, predominantly in Europe and the USA. I have given you a good reason for the struggle you are facing, and maybe it should be my task to call on you to stand up and be counted once again this year and demonstrate outside the BgVV, because German bureaucrats are taking the lead in the oppression of the people of the world. This oppression being led by German bureaucrats is taking place with the aim of taking from you the right to hold such meetings and listen to Dr. Rath. They want to take away all your freedoms. And what the Germans, the French and the Swiss - and interestingly enough, note that the five largest pharmaceutical companies in the world have their company headquarters there - what these bureaucrats want to say to you is that you should go back to your doctors.

Now, you have already heard today what will happen if you go back to your orthodox, pharmaceutically-trained doctor. He knows absolutely nothing about high-dose vitamins. Well, what now? You are up shit creek without a paddle, as we say. They want to pass laws only allowing 100 mg of vitamin C, 100 mg of B-group vitamins to be prescribed.

You will have to obtain these vitamins from your pharmacist and they will have to be manufactured by a pharmaceutical company. In this way many of the freedoms you enjoy today will be taken away from you by a worldwide body (Codex).

The reason why I became a lobbyist in the United States is that I became aware that a battle was going on in the outside world. After we had won our battle and the law was passed in the United States guaranteeing us freedom of access to dietary supplements and vitamins, the things you are discussing here today, I found out that in the outside world a much greater battle was raging by the name of Codex Alimentarius. If we lose this battle, we will take a step backwards and the people will be oppressed once again.

I hope you will forgive me for saying it, but it is above all the English-speaking world, the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Great Britain, with the exception of Australia, that recognises this problem and has resisted the limitation of dietary supplements to upper limits by Codex. The English-speaking world is in this instance taking the lead against the German-speaking world and the French, saying that we must all have a free choice, that we are all individuals.

And the world has changed. This model of the chivalrous doctor, who could be your father, brother, uncle or cousin, who is a wonderful person, but who was trained in this doctrine, the pharmacists and the pharmaceutical companies - that is the old school. You are the new school. The Internet is the new school. Networking is the new school. Authors like Dr. Rath, who write the books you read, are the new school.

The old philosophy, the old monopolistic cartel, is afraid that you might read something about your own condition, that you could do what the people (in the health testimonials) here on the stage have said, that you could look for an alternative, in order to stop stuffing the pockets of the biggest industry in the world, the health care system, with billions and trillions of dollars. This does not mean that these people themselves are malicious or harmful or bad, it is just the way they were trained.

Do you understand what I mean? What can you do? You can't do a thing against the bureaucrats. What you have to do is go to your politicians and demand that they change these laws, because Germany is oppressing the rest of the world. The politicians are playing the leading role in the process against which you are holding this meeting here. Because they have so much power with this pharmaceutical cartel, which has its headquarters here in Germany, and that is why they are attempting to impose their plans on the delegates from the rest of the world.

Why are they doing this? An Indian doctor (Dr. Nettke) has spoken here today. A poor woman in India simply wants hungry children in the poor parts of India to receive vitamin A. But they are threatened with a ban on the sugar trade because the sugar contains too much lead. The body that regulates the sugar trade is, however, surprise, surprise: Codex Alimentarius. And now this woman is voting for regulation of the vitamin trade by Codex. That's how it works. It is a purely political matter. What you must all do is go to your politicians just like we did in the United States, because otherwise you will never be free of the bureaucrats. And you must tell them that you want the law changed. Because the Germans are a free nation, and the country must stop oppressing other nations. That is my message. Go out on the street tomorrow and demonstrate!



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