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Appeal To The People Of The World

If you want to know more what you can do, you should read the following call to action by Dr. Rath from November 2, 2002, the eve of the Codex Alimentarius meeting in Berlin, Germany.

As the physician and scientist who led the breakthrough towards the natural control of today’s most common diseases that triggered the world-wide reaction of the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Rath issued the following appeal "Make Health Not War! A Healthy World Is Possible!"

Three thousand people who had accepted the invitation of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation supported this Appeal:

Never before in the history of mankind has there been a single medical breakthrough that could remove so many common diseases and could save so many lives at one time, as the discovery of the importance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients essential for cellular metabolism and the control of diseases.

Never before in the history of mankind could one single medical breakthrough reduce the causes of death in the industrialized countries as well as developing countries to a fraction of its current rate. In the industrialized world, we now can control heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other diseases. In developing countries, we now can control the consequences of malnutrition and the susceptibility of infectious diseases.

Never before in the history of mankind has it been possible to accomplish such far-reaching goals within only a few decades, because the necessary vitamins and other essential natural substances can be made immediately available anywhere in the world in sufficient amounts.

Never before in the history of mankind has the goal to live in a world without diseases been as real as it is today. The biggest obstacle to this goal is the resistance of the drug companies and the pharmaceutical industry, which base their business on the continuation of diseases.

Never before in the history of mankind has an industry risked the health and lives of millions of people longer and more systematically than the pharmaceutical industry. Its only goal is to make billions of dollars in profits from the continuous suffering and grief of millions of patients.

Never before in the history of mankind has there been a more comprehensive "deception business" than the pharmaceutical industry’s "business with disease." They promise “good health,” take billions of dollars, and deliver - above all - more diseases. As an inevitable result of this global deception and fraud, none of the common diseases has been significantly reduced or eradicated. The billions paid to this industry, however, have ruined public and private economies worldwide.

Never before in the history of mankind has a more unscrupulous attempt been made to stabilize a multi-billion-dollar global fraud system by abusing governments as well as national and international parliaments to pass protection laws and gag orders with the goal to prevent affordable healthcare in order natural non-patentable therapies.

Never before in the history of mankind has more responsibility rested on the shoulders of one generation than ours today. Either we are able to liberate mankind from the yoke of the “business with disease” or this unscrupulous industry will continue to subjugate mankind for generations to come.

Together, we today show our strength and determination to protect our health and the right to free access of natural health.

From this conference, we call upon the people of the Earth to join us in our goal to liberate mankind from diseases:

- We call upon you to: help us make health a basic human right. No one has the right to deprive us of life-saving health information. Whoever commits these crimes against humanity has to be brought to justice with the full force of national and international laws.

- We call upon the heads of States and governments in the industrialized world and developing countries: block any plans of the pharmaceutical industry to outlaw the life-saving health information in relation to vitamins and natural health.

- We call upon politicians at local, regional, national and international levels: in the name of those people who voted for you and in the name of mankind take advantage of this breakthrough in natural health research to eliminate major diseases. This is the only way you can comply with your constitutional obligation to protect your people from harm. This is the only way the economy of your country can escape the strangulating grip of the multibillion dollar pharmaceutical “business with disease”.

- We call upon the political parties: make the progress in natural health the foundation of a new patient-oriented health care system. All health care reforms that are limited merely to administrative changes have to fail. Only healthcare reform built on effective, safe and affordable natural therapies are responsible health care strategies.

- We call upon the different sectors of society: help us to spread this knowledge. Nothing is more important that an immediate termination of the unnecessary suffering and death of millions of people from diseases that are known to be preventable.

- We call upon doctors and other health professionals: do not allow any patients to be abused by "a merely symptom-oriented drug medicine" that neither can reduce nor wants to eliminate diseases because their continuation is the basis of an entire industry. Realize, that you, yourself have become victims degraded to a wheel in the machinery of The Pharmaceutical "Business with Disease".

- We call upon the churches: you have a particular ethical and moral obligation to resist any further crimes committed to millions of people in the interests of the insatiable profit margins of the pharmaceutical industry.

- We call upon the trade unions: help to implement this medical breakthrough as soon as possible in the interest of the working people in your countries. No one has greater interest to liberate themselves from the financial burden of a "multibillion dollar drug business with disease" than working people.

- We call upon large and small enterprises in all countries: take advantage of this breakthrough in vitamin research to improve the health of your employees, to lower health care cost and thereby help create new jobs.

- We call upon the teachers from pre-school to high school, students, parents and others in the field of education: make sure that children, adolescents and adults learn that the human body does neither produce vitamin C, lysine nor many other essential nutrients determining the stability of the connective tissue and essential for prevention of many diseases.

- We call upon everyone active in the media: report objectively and inform the people about the scientific and clinical success of cellular medicine.

- We call upon the young people of the world: Commit yourself and join us to make health a human right in your generation. Through the application of this knowledge, you have a chance to be the first generation to grow up without these diseases and you have the opportunity to pass on this life saving knowledge to next generations.

We call all people of the world irrespective of religion, color, nationality; join our struggle to liberate mankind from the yoke of the "pharmaceutical business with disease". Promise yourself that you will disseminate this knowledge until we reach our goal, and that this knowledge about the now possible liberation from major diseases has reached the last corner of the world.

The dimension of this struggle is so gigantic that there is hardly any global development not being affected by it. We recognize that political leaders are afraid that, with a crush of the credibility of the pharmaceutical industry, their own credibility will also be destroyed. They are afraid to be held accountable for the crimes committed by the pharmaceutical industry. They are afraid that when the “wall of the pharmaceutical cartel” fall, the anger and rage of millions of patients and their relatives will sweep them away too!

This is the background explaining why the political lobbyists of the pharma cartel are currently promoting an international crisis and are even preparing for war. In the wake of this crisis and tension, civil rights are curtailed and “emergency” laws are being prepared with one goal only: to artificially stabilize the global ruling of these economic forces -if necessary by using force against their own citizens.

As an immediate consequence of this development millions of people would continue to die from preventable diseases. Therefore the commitment for the preservation of peace today is equally important to our commitment for the liberation of mankind from the pharmaceutical companies. The commitment to the right to natural health and a struggle for peace are inseparable. We call upon the responsible politicians: "Make Health, Not War!"

We the people here and now have a historic chance and responsibility to liberate mankind for all future generations from today’s most common diseases and make health a human right.

We promise you, the future generations, that we will do everything to hand over to you a healthy, just and peaceful world.

Berlin, November 2, 2002



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