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The Effects of our ongoing
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World Summit on Sustainable Development
Johannesburg, August 2002

At the World Summit in August 2002, Dr Rath presented a program ‘Health for All by the Year 2020™’ that will continue to have far reaching effects on the health of many hundreds of thousands of people in both the developing and industrialized countries for many generations to come.

What Effect Did This Have?

  • After the World Summit, we have been inundated with messages of support for the Health For All program from people all over the world, whose collective voice now has a means to be heard.
  • Dr Rath’s presentation in Johannesburg triggered the long overdue adoption of natural health measures into the public health policies of several countries in Africa, the Middle East and the Far East.
  • As a result of Dr Rath’s Health For All program, enlightened governments around the world began to throw off the burden of the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’ that the health of their people had been yoked to for years.
  • The inalienable truth that natural health measures are a safe, effective and affordable means of dealing with the common diseases that are endemic in the world today can no longer be ignored.

February 2nd, 2003
The First of Dr Rath’s Open Letters is published in The New York Times

The momentum achieved following Dr Rath’s presentation of the Health For All program in Johannesburg has been harnessed to the series of Open Letters published by this Foundation over the past weeks in many newspapers all over the world.

What Effect Did This Have?

  • The momentum has now gathered such force as a result of the vital, life-saving information conveyed by Dr Rath’s Open Letters, that the pharmaceutical industry can no longer deny the truth. The CEO of GlaxoSmithKline, Europe's largest drug maker, acknowledged as much in a speech in Lyon on April 9th, 2003.
  • Government ministries and health institutions can no longer afford to brazenly ignore the superior benefits of natural health measures when formulating public health policies. The people whose health is affected by these policies are now informed of the benefits of natural health measures as a result of the Open Letters.
  • Policymakers can no longer hide behind ignorance when formulating public health policy and cannot continue to be bound to the outdated, expensive and dangerous patented drugs peddled by the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Even health institutions in America, the stronghold of the pharma-cartel, have had to bow to the inevitable and join the people in calling for the introduction of natural health measures into public health policy.
  • ¨The people are now demanding that natural health measures are incorporated into public health policies in every country and the Dr Rath Health Foundation will continue to fight for that right to be universally acknowledged and supported via a New Global Healthcare System.




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