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Codex and the WTO – A Global Threat

The Codex Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Supplements are an attempt to formulate one single global standard that will be recognized by the World Trade Organization and used to regulate the sale of vitamin and other food supplements worldwide. These Guidelines therefore pose one of the most serious threats to the future availability of natural therapies ever seen.
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Death By Medicine

A definitive review and close reading of medical peer-review journals, and government health statistics shows that American medicine frequently causes more harm than good. The number of people having in-hospital, adverse drug reactions (ADR) to prescribed medicine is 2.2 million. Dr. Richard Besser, of the CDC, in 1995, said the number of unnecessary antibiotics prescribed annually for viral infections was 20 million. Dr. Besser, in 2003, now refers to tens of millions of unnecessary antibiotics.
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Pharma-Cartel Runs Amok!

The global deception campaign denying the health benefits of vitamins can no longer prevent the collapse of the pharmaceutical house of cards.
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How Dr. Rath and $30,000 in Public Health Advertising by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation brought the SARS epidemic "under control"

The very same week that Dr. Rath published his open letter exposing the “Rockefeller-financed Trilateral Commission” behind the Bush-Administration’s war, the plan for the use of weapons of mass destruction was dropped. That very same week the Pharma-Cartel launched their Plan B: the SARS epidemic.
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Current US Lawsuits Against Big Pharma

On February 13th 2003, exactly eleven days after the publication of Dr Rath's first Open Letter exposing the financial interests behind the pharmaceutical 'business with disease' New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer filed complaints in the Supreme Court of the State of New York against GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Pharmacia (now part of Pfizer) for making fraudulent and deceptive misrepresentations that conceal the true average wholesale price of its drugs from consumers, Government agencies and drug price reporting services.
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Health And Peace Vs War And Disease

The vast military (and in the case of the United States, economic) superiority of one country has once again been used to threaten the world with war to enable its leaders to achieve their goals. The world is in grave danger of seeing history repeat itself by allowing the Bush/Blair coalition to have its own way now. Is this not simply delaying the inevitable once again?
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The House Of Cards Is Collapsing

Empowered by Dr Rath’s consistent exposure of the pharmaceutical “business with disease” critics and legislators alike are now able to openly and fearlessly criticize this industry without fear of threat of a legal backlash - and one by one the dominoes are starting to fall!
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