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Hydrogen Energy

New sources of renewable energy are being made available that can essentially provide free energy to all people on our planet. Besides solar energy, the use of energy from water (hydrogen technology) has been scientifically developed. The mass production of these renewable forms of energy and their provision to the people of the world at essentially no cost decreases any dependency on the petrochemical investment business.

Articles on hydrogen energy

Signs of Energy
Less than two weeks after Dr. Rath published in the New York Times that a new international order would have to be based on the availability of free energy for the developing world, this very same newspaper, in a prominently featured editorial, called for global development of renewable energy.
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The world's first autonomous hydrogen society gets underway
Ten households in the small island community of Utsira, west of Haugesund in Norway will become independent of electricity from the mainland this summer. On July 1, Hydro’s first power plant based on a combination of wind power and hydrogen starts production on the wind-swept island – Norway’s smallest municipality. Hydro has set up this project with the support of the Research Council of Norway and the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority, making the small island of Utsira a showcase, both in Norway and in the rest of the world, for the development of renewable energy.
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South Africa could become a global energy leader
Hydrogen could replace oil as the world's main energy source, and its vast platinum reserves could see South Africa becoming the new Saudi Arabia. Platinum is used in fuel cells, which hold the key to unleashing the power of the universe's simplest and most plentiful element. For years, experts have been urging the energy-guzzling West to wean itself off oil and move to renewable energy sources.
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Fuel for thought - petrol alternatives
As filling up becomes a bigger drain on the back pocket, the cost of other fuels looks more compelling. James Weir looks at the options. If oil prices rise, there will be much more interest in "hybrid" cars, already available from Toyota (the Prius) and Honda (hybrid Civic), which run partly on batteries and then switch to petrol when going up hills.
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Maine's First Hydrogen Project
The Chewonki Foundation and Hydrogen Energy Center announced Tuesday that major system components have been ordered for the Chewonki Renewable Hydrogen Project, marking the official launch of Maine’s first-ever renewable hydrogen system. In this ground-breaking project, renewably generated electricity will power an electrolizer to cleanly generate hydrogen.
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Hydrogen: The Next Generation
Cleaning up production of a future fuel
Today's world might run on fossil fuel, but many people predict that hydrogen will fuel the future—in cars, houses, and countless handheld electronic devices. Hydrogen-powered fuel cells can generate electricity much more efficiently than fossil fuel can and without spewing polluting byproducts such as nitrous oxides, which contribute to smog, and carbon dioxide, the most prevalent gas behind global warming.
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More information on hydrogen energy

Hydrogen Energy Center
The Hydrogen Energy Center is a non-profit organization working toward a sustainable energy economy based on renewable hydrogen.
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International Association for Hydrogen Energy
The Association endeavors to inform the general public of the important role of Hydrogen Energy in the planning of an inexhaustible and clean energy system.
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Hydrogen Energy Network
The principal aim of the Hydrogen Energy Network is to promote research and discussion on issues connected with the development of the hydrogen energy economy.
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