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Less than two weeks after Dr. Rath published in the New York Times that a new international order would have to be based on the availability of free energy for the developing world, this very same newspaper, in a prominently featured editorial, called for global development of renewable energy (see article below).

Unfortunately, the editors of the New York Times see this vital area of social development for our planet as little more than another investment opportunity, encouraging the 'private sector' to take the lead in solving this global challenge. By doing so, the New York Times called for the investment community to define this critical area of global energy as their next battlefield for global patents strangulating the technology.

What the editors of the New York Times apparently failed to understand is that the time is over when the people of the world - after having shaken off the yoke of the petrochemical and pharmaceutical patent cartel - will continue to voluntarily subject themselves to the next cartel dealing in renewable energy.

The people of the world and a growing number of governments will no longer be susceptible to that kind of global abuse at the expense of the lives of millions and the economic ruin of entire nations.

And that is a good development.

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